Top Successful SEO Techniques that work GREAT in 2019

Want to improve the ranking of your website and take it to the
next level? Here are some of the tricks and tips that will undoubtedly help you
beat the hard competition of today’s blowing market.
The world of SEO is vigorous. The SEO techniques and rules that
helped you this year is necessary that it will help you the next year. To stay
on the top, one should ceaselessly adapt and improvise the new techniques.
From backlinks to content and keywords, there are a lot of metrics
that one should take care of. Sometimes, you might also feel overwhelmed and
irritated, but this work requires patience and efforts.
But when someone has proper updated knowledge of SEO, then they
can casually outperform their competitors. Here are some of the SEO techniques
which can help to improve our search rankings

Long Blog Posts

SEO expert advice to keep the good quality of the content that you
are posting. This is undoubtedly one of the crucial factors to improve the
search rankings. One thing that we should not forget is that the length of the
content should be engaging.
We can simply say that the posts that seek to hold a particular
topic for a longer period can get better search rankings. This SEO technique is
good but does not guarantee success. Long blog posts do not magically boost our
rankings in a day. One should always maintain a proper balance between quantity
and the quality of the content.

Bucket Brigade
copywriting technique

SEO writing is not just about the content and keywords. When
someone visits our website, there are 2 different scenarios. They make keep
reading our article or may leave the website. One of the negative issues that
can affect our ranking in a great way is the latter.
If you really want to grow your website and improve its ranking
then you should make sure that visitors spend more time on the website. A
simple method of doing this is to upload more compelling articles on the
website. One can also hook their readers by using one of the oldest and
smartest tricks of the trade. With the help of Bucket Brigade technique, one
can easily persuade the readers to stay on their page. This is a simple
technique that acts as a connector between the two sentences or paragraphs.
Here are some of the commonly used phrases as Bucket Brigades-
Know what the the best part is?
Here is the
That’s not
The sentences that end with colons and are short are a great
method of identifying bucket brigades. It makes our copy more flexible and
easier also keep the visitors engage on the website.

Updating Old

To receive a more effective output, one should go through their
content again. One should check that all the topics that have been written in
the past is still relevant?
Example- If you have written about the best SEO techniques 2 years
ago. But there have been many changes made after that, so in this case, you
need to update your article.

It is always advisable to add more information to your existing
article instead of writing a fresh article. You can also update the headline of
the article to make it more captivating. One should also edit the article to
make it more SEO friendly.
This technique will undoubtedly help your blog to reach a wider
audience in a less period of time.

Get high-quality

When a website with a good and high-class Domain authority
attaches back with the website, it undoubtedly increases its credibility.
Standard backlinks can help us a lot to gain an edge over our competitors.
So, it is quite obvious that if we have a large number of quality
backlinks, we’ll definitely get higher rankings in the SERPs.

Research the
keywords well

One should always take some time to find the relevant keywords
before finalizing the blog post ideas. It is a very simple way to find out what
people are actually looking for. Based on the requirements, one can make the
necessary changes to match the user’s needs.
If someone is using the accurate and correct keywords then there
are higher chances of getting the good rankings. To make a research for the
keywords, one can use some tools like Moz Keyword Explorer, KWfinder, Google
Keyword Planner.

Focus on the
Target Audience

What is our target audience all about? How can we easily connect
with them? Which platform do they prefer the most? These are the few questions
which one should keep in mind before devising their SEO strategy.
Once we get to know about the idea of what customers want, we can
mold our SEO strategies accordingly. If the audience is searching for food
choices in their area, write blog posts related to it. If the audience is
talking about a specific product, why not to write about it?

Social Media Presence

Relying just on the website to achieve traffic and credibility is
not a good option. We should also build a social media presence. Instagram,
Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are some of the common choices. Well, to
develop authority and also to improve the search rankings, it is necessary to
look beyond these.

Write Catchy

Our main objective behind writing the blog is not only achieving the people’s engagement but also to
rank on the top categories. One easy method to do this is to use the accurate
keywords so that the search engines can find our posts easily. Well, stuffing
the keywords with the headlines may seem robotic. It is a ceaseless fight
between the better rankings and creativity. A very good method to make a
balance between these two is to write catchy and different versions of the

Mentioned below
are some more SEO tech techniques that hammered in 2019-

Using more
Optimize the
website for mobile devices
Improve the
loading screen of the page
Optimize the
content for the voice searches
Creating more
video content
accurate tags for visual content
Good website
Architecture etc.
Every website administrator,
brand owners,
want to
enhance their traffic and search rankings. But there are few who use the
correct SEO tricks to improve the level of their website. With voice searches
and mobile becoming more famous, we need to optimize our website. We also need
to ceaselessly keep up the good work by following the latest trends and methods
of SEO to stay ahead of the blowing competition.

Author Bio:
Anurag Rathod is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an
avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.

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