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Prime Air Global Ltd: Your trusted partner for seamless study abroad experiences, expert guidance, and unparalleled support.

Welcome to Prime Air Global Ltd, your trusted partner for transformative study abroad experiences. With our global expertise on top universities, personalized guidance, visa assistance, and cultural immersion programs, we strive to make your educational journey seamless, enriching, and rewarding.

Study Abroad Process

Streamline your study abroad journey with our comprehensive and expertly guided process.

Personalised Guidance

Receive expert assistance tailored to your needs for a successful study abroad experience. Our personalized guidance ensures you navigate every step with confidence.

Application and Visa Processing

Efficiently navigate application and visa processes with our expert guidance, ensuring a seamless transition to your study abroad destination.

University / Courses Shortlisting

Discover the perfect university and courses tailored to your interests and goals with our expert shortlisting services for studying abroad.

Post Visa Services

Simplify your transition abroad with our post-visa services, covering accommodation, orientation, and ongoing support for a smooth study experience.

Popular Courses

Explore popular courses tailored to your interests and career goals. Enroll now and unlock your full potential.

4 Years


Price: $550.00

3 Years

Business Management

Price: $450.00

4 Years

International Relations

Price: $400.00

5 Years

Marketing Management

Price: $650.00

2 Years

Information Systems

Price: $550.00

3 Years

Data Science

Price: $400.00

5 Years

New Media

Price: $600.00

2 Years

Digital Marketing

Price: $350.00

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