Why you need to get back to SEO basics

You can be well-versed on all the latest SEO trends, but columnist Ryan Shelley notes that you need to get the fundamentals down first.

 on March 7, 2017 at 11:11 am


    Do a quick search on Google for “SEO tips” and you’ll get over 14 million results. That’s a lot of tips to wade through when trying to figure out the focus of your SEO strategy. What’s more overwhelming is that’s just one search.
    Each year there are new posts of list of the “hottest” tips and tricks that are “guaranteed” to work. While many of these tips are great, to really see results, you need to have a good foundation. In this post, I want to talk about getting back to the basics of SEO and why they are essential to long-term success.
    When it comes to optimizing your site for search, the basics are some of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of SEO. The recent push of “content is king” has also caused many to forget the essentials and just focus on content distribution.
    Here’s the deal: you can post all the content you want, but if your site isn’t optimized, you’re not going to get the rankings you want. So here are few basics you should cover before ever diving into the more complex elements of search.

    Crawler access

    If search engine crawlers have a hard time crawling your site, they’ll have a hard time indexing and ranking your pages, too. As a site owner or SEO, your first and most important job is to make sure that your site is crawlable. Using the robots.txt file, you can help direct and assist the web crawlers that are crawling your site.
    There are certain pages on your site that you probably don’t want the crawlers to index, such as login pages or private directories. You can block files, pages and/or directories by specifying them as “disallowed,” like so:
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /cgi-bin/
    Disallow: /folder
    Disallow: /private.html
    You can also block certain crawlers from accessing your site using the following (replace “BadBot” with the actual bot name you’re trying to block):
    User-agent: BadBot
    Disallow: /
    Just be careful when blocking crawlers from your entire site; in fact, don’t do it unless you know for a fact that a particular bot is causing you trouble. Otherwise, you may end up blocking crawlers that should have access to your website, which could interfere with indexing.
    If you are using WordPress, there are a number of plugins that can help you do this. If you are not using WordPress, you can also easily set up a robots.txt file on your server. Learn more about robots.txt here.
    After you’ve created your robots.txt, it’s important to make sure Google can crawl your site. To do so, you’ll first need to create a site map. This can be done manually or with third-party tools. (If you have a WordPress site, there are many plugins available to create site maps for you.)
    Once you’ve created your site map, log in to Google Search Console. (If you haven’t set your site up on Search Console, check this out.) You’ll want to upload your site map by going to “Crawl,” then “Sitemaps” in the left-hand navigation, ten clicking on the “Add/Test Sitemap” button in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can test the site map and submit it to Google for indexation. (Note that it will take some time for Google to crawl and index your site.)
    If you have already submitted a site map and just want to test/submit an individual page on your site, you can use the “Fetch as Google” feature, which is also under “Crawl” in the left-hand navigation.
    1. Once logged in, click “Crawl” in the left-hand navigation.
    2. Then select “Fetch as Google.”
    3. From there, enter the URL path of the page you want to test and click “Fetch.” (Leave this blank if you want to test the home page.)
    4. Check status. It should have a green check and say “Complete.”
    5. Click “Request Indexing” if available.
    Making sure that Google can crawl your site is essential to getting indexed. Without having your site indexed, you will not rank no matter what you do.

    Site structure

    In today’s mobile-first, user-obsessed web culture, we sometimes overlook the simple and practical. While I am all for a good user experience and a huge believer in being mobile-first, I also believe we can’t forget the search engines. Having a solid site structure will add to your user experience and will help you rank better.
    While this seems like a simple idea, building a good site structure takes time and planning. Not only does it impact your navigation and site links, it also helps the crawlers better understand your content and context. Site structure is all about putting your content together in a logical fashion. Don’t make your users or the search engines dig to find what they came to your site for. Learn how to create a great site structure here.

    Titles and meta descriptions

    Titles and meta descriptions are some of the most basic elements of SEO. While “titles” are considered in the ranking algorithm and descriptions are not, they both are still very important. Google may not use descriptions as a ranking signal, but that doesn’t mean they ignore them. The crawlers still read the descriptions — and any chance you have to tell the crawlers about your page, you should take it.
    The title and the description are often the first things your potential visitors come in contact with in the SERPs. Here are a few tips for creating better titles and descriptions.
    1. Optimize your title tag around the core focus of your page.
    2. Don’t “keyword stuff.”
    3. Stay within 50 to 60 characters.
    4. Make it relevant to your users.
    5. Don’t have duplicates.
    1. Make it action-oriented.
    2. Add your primary keyword.
    3. Make copy easy to understand.
    4. Stay within 135 to 160 characters.
    5. Don’t have duplicates.
    Having better titles and descriptions can lead to higher click-through rates and increase the visibility of your site in search. It’s important to note that if Google thinks your provided meta data doesn’t meet the users’ intent, they will alter it.
    Before jumping into the latest and greatest SEO tactic, make sure you do the basics first. It’s amazing what a few simple tweaks and adjustments can do for your site and overall online marketing strategy. Make sure your site is crawlable, create a structure that is both user0 and search engine-friendly, and take the time to create better titles and descriptions. Doing the basics will help you build a strong foundation for long-term success.

    High PR Directory Submission Sites List- 2017

    Do-follow Free Directory Submission Sites List

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    http://www.etaaps.org/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://iceved.com/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://www.cirdra.com/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://textmodern.com/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://qiaas.com/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://www.portarelief.com/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://conyerspayless.com/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://hbnu.org/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://handtucher.net/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://concertstudy.net/ Instant Approval 38 37 2
    http://litetopia.com/ Instant Approval 35 41 2
    http://mhdw.org/ Instant Approval 32 42 2
    http://llt8.com/ Instant Approval 49 45 2
    http://arithum.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://eclyptix.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://pmin.org/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://www.umoz.org/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://arithum.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://vietsites.net/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://firstppt.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://defb.net/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://zelsec.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://tandiversity.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://edulogasp.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://trafficsimulator.net/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://wvchoops.com/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
    http://speechcounts.org/ Instant Approval 25 36 2
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    http://omcommunication.net/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
    http://conferenceoffice.net/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
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    http://www.ykh8.com/ Instant Approval 0 0 2
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    3 local SEO tips that deliver business results

    Looking to optimize your business website for local search, but not sure where to start? Columnist Ryan Shelley provides some tips for beginners.
     From: http://searchengineland.com

    When it comes to marketing your local business online, search is a great place to start. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of small to mid-size local businesses, helping them grow their reach and their revenue using SEO.
    One of the biggest hurdles we face when working with local clients is that they’ve been burned in the past by so-called “experts.” They’ve invested their hard-earned money only to see little, if any, return. This has led many local businesses to believe SEO is a scam or doesn’t work.
    My goal is to share a few local SEO tips that actually work — and how you can start using them today to grow your business’s online reach.
    Why local SEO?
    Before we get into the tips, let me lay the groundwork for why you need to invest in local SEO. People use search engines to find local businesses they want to buy from. This is not just my own opinion; Google’s own research proves it. Here are a few stats the make the point.
    • Four in five consumers use search engines to find local information.
    • Fifty percent of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, and 34 percent who searched on a computer or tablet did the same.
    • Local searches lead to more purchases than non-local searches. Eighteen percent of local searches on smartphones lead to a purchase within a day vs. 7 percent of non-local searches.
    What does this mean for your business? Not only are people searching locally, they’re taking action when they do! Building a strategy that promotes your business locally will do more than drive website traffic — it will drive sales. So let’s get into the some tried-and-true tips to help you rank better and convert more local searchers.
    1. Locally focused content
    When we talk about local SEO, often much of the focus is on citations, local directories and maps. All of these components are important, of course; but to really give yourself an edge, you need to create quality localized content.
    What do I mean by localized content? Here, I’m referring to content that is based on or around your local area and educates readers on the specific issues/problems/wants they have. Local businesses can benefit a ton by sharing the purpose and passion behind what they do.
    Here’s what I recommend: Start a blog (if you don’t already have one), and create content specific to your niche and town. Share why your community is special and how your products or services align with the community’s values. You started your business for a reason; tell your audience and let them connect.
    Be sure to use location modifiers in your content, too. For instance, if you are a bakery in Palm Bay, Florida, share how your bakery serves that town.
    A great place to get inspiration for local content is your customers. Interview them, share stories about interactions you’ve had, the possibilities are endless. Localized content creates a personal connection and serves your end user. It also gives other local sites a reason to connect and link to you!
    2. Maps, directories & citations
    For local businesses, it’s important to ensure that your business is present (and optimized) on Google Maps. After all, if people can’t get directions to you, then you’re out of luck!
    It still amazes me that so many businesses have yet to claim their map listings through Google My Business. This is a simple and easy step that gives you more exposure and allows you to manage how your business appears on Google Maps. Here are Google’s instructions on how to add or claim your listing.
    Google My Business is just one of hundreds of listing sites for local companies. The goal is to claim and update your business listing in as many relevant, legitimate business directories and maps services as you can, and optimize those listings with correct business information. (It’s especially important to ensure that your name, address and phone number are consistent across the web.)
    The big directory and map sites you definitely need to get on are Google, Yelp, Yahoo Business, Bing, MapQuest, Super Pages, Yellow Pages and Facebook. To see some of the other main directories, check this out.
    Now, one thing to note. When you start claiming these, expect to get calls from bots or emails from the sites themselves telling you they can grow your business for a small fee. Ignore them. They will go away. Claiming your listing, ensuring your address and phone number are correct, then adding the correct categories, social profiles, website URL and a good description should be enough to get you going.
    If you want to really be on top of things, I recommend looking into Moz Local or Yext. They’ll help you streamline the process and alert you if something needs to be fixed. They won’t catch everything, but they can provide a good starting point, and they can help you monitor and maintain any listings you have claimed.
    3. Local link building
    Link building is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to SEO. But not all links are equal. The directory links we talked about above are great, but they don’t carry the same weight as organic backlinks.
    Just like any other backlink strategy, local backlinking begins with good research. City-run sites are a great place for local businesses to start. Many of these local sites have “local directories” on them. Most of the time, all you need to do is email the website admin and request to be added.
    Another great place to find local backlinks is with local clubs and outreach organizations. Joining a local Rotary Club or business group will often land you a nice quality backlink. These links are important because they show how connected you are to the community. I’ve seen this work over and over again for clients.
    The key is to only link to, or get links from, sites you want to be associated with. Make sure that the link makes sense contextually, and never pay to play. Link building is really, at its core, about building relationships. When it comes to local SEO and business, relationships are huge.
    Final thoughts
    These simple tips will help you rank better and drive more quality and localized leads to your business. Whether you’re a new local business looking to grow or you’ve been burned in the past, you can start to gain some traction by creating quality local content, claiming your listings and building relationships that lead to good links. So what are you waiting for? Go grow your business!


    Instant approval Article sites List 2016-2017

    Below Is The high PR free Article Submission web sites complete listing

    we have created a huge listing of free article submission websites list, Separated by page Rank most of the websites are excessive page Rank & can also come up with Dofollow oneway link.

    Dofollow Article Submission Sites List

    Website Type DA PA PR IP
    sites.google.com Instant Approval 100 95 9
    livejournal.com Instant Approval 96 92 8
    tumblr.com Instant Approval 99 94 8
    storify.com Instant Approval 91 91 8
    github.com Instant Approval 96 94 8
    Website Type DA PA PR IP
    24article.com Instant Approval 0 0 2
    freearticles2.com Instant Approval 0 0 2
    articles.org Instant Approval 0 0 2
    articles.abilogic.com Instant Approval 0 0 2
    Articles SeoForums Instant Approval 0 0 2
    Articles@PR4 Instant Approval 0 0 2
    Kraft Articles Instant Approval 0 0 2
    Masters Articles Instant Approval 0 0 2
    Articles@PR3 Instant Approval 0 0 2
    articlespool.com Instant Approval 38 37 2
    articlesbase Instant Approval 35 41 2
    merchantcircle Instant Approval 32 42 2
    articles.gappoo Instant Approval 49 45 2
    newsvine.com Instant Approval 25 36 2
    Articles@Howto Instant Approval 25 36 2
    Article One Instant Approval 25 36 2
    articledunia Instant Approval 25 36 2
    articlicious.com Instant Approval 25 36 2
    article.org Instant Approval 25 36 2

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    Google has officially killed off their link command

    Google tells webmasters and SEOs to stop using the link command, that it is officially dead and not functioning properly.

    From: http://searchengineland.com/
     on January 12, 2017 at 8:34 am

      A Google spokesperson has confirmed with Search Engine Land that the company’s link command is no longer functioning. Google told us the feature is no longer around, and using a link:www.domain.com will likely return irrelevant results.
      We saw signs of this going away a year ago, but then Google told us the link operator “is not dead.” Now, Google is telling us the link operator is essentially dead.
      Yesterday, Google’s John Mueller told webmasters not to use it. Of course, most webmasters already have known not to use it for years and years now. But as long as the link operator returns any results, it can be deceiving and imply that the function does work.
      Google has not commented on when they will make sure the command returns nothing or a message that it no longer works. But for now, Google has confirmed with us that the feature is not working at all now.
      If you want to see your links, there are plenty of third-party tools, and also access to your link report, in the Google Search Console.

      Top 50 USA Social Bookmarking Sites List-2017

      (Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites) So if you submit your business, website & product details on these sites, thousands of user can see what you have share. These sites can increase your products selling, website ranking. You can also Visit – USA Classified Sites

      Social Bookmarking sites are used by millions of people. Thousands of people are active on these sites anytime anywhere in the world, these sites are the best sites for gaining more and more traffic from all over the world. You can submit your website link to these sites for getting high quality of back links. These sites are very easy to use. You have only share/submit your website link on these sites. USA Business Listing Sites


      (Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites) So if you submit your business, website & product details on these sites, thousands of user can see what you have share. These sites can increase your products selling, website ranking. You can also Visit – USA Classified Sites

      Serial No
      Top 50 USA Social Bookmarking Sites List

      Free High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

      Hello Friends,

      Today, I am going to share with you some intresting and instant approved Social Bookmarking website list. All sites are live and used by me for my projects.  If you are looking for instant trafffic and result on your projects . Please try these Social Bookmarking Sites List.

       Free High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

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      Web Design Role in Acquiring & Retaining Customers

      Web Design Role in Acquiring & Retaining Customers

      We have seen several websites over the Internet but remember some of them. The reason behind this is that it may possible that the design of the website is highly attractive or consists advance functionality which hit directly in the mind of its targeted audience. While designing a website for our business, we need to remember the following things:
         Ø  Attractive and striking design
         Ø  Simplicity in design
         Ø  User friend wit easy navigation
         Ø  Easily searchable
      Website plays an important role in the growth of our business and ensures higher profitability as it is the front face of our business. A website presents complete information about our business in an effective manner and this information is accurate that can easily gain the trust of the targeted audience.
      In this article, we are going to discuss the points which attract the brand or targeted audience. Some of the points are as follow:

      Speedily accessible

      In this competitive world where speed is everything, people love those websites that can open just in few seconds. Thus, while designing, we need to keep in mind that website should be small in size and easily open in any device like mobile, tablets, or more. If our website takes lots of time in loading due to the use of heavy image files and other website elements. Thus, the website lost the attention of the targeted audience.

      Accessible using any device

      If we deeply observe the targeted audience, then we realize that people are busy with their mobile. For everything, they prefer mobile either for calling or surfing over the Internet. Additionally, they only prefer to open those websites which are device and platform friendly. This means that desired website can easily be accessible using any device such as mobiles, laptops, and tablets and run on any platform without destroying information like Joomla, Android, Window, and more.

      Attractive Color theme as Blue, Black or Green

      Color theme is the most important aspect of our website design and development processes. The color theme should be similar to our brand guidelines. Thus, while selecting the color theme for our business we should keep our products and services in mind. The color of our website should be simple and pleasant that can easily be recognized by the targeted audience. Black, blue, and green are some of color which are preferred and liked by most of people thus we have to utilize their combination in our website.

      Easy to Read and Understandable

      Simplicity is the most important and demandable feature of a website. Thus, we should keep in mind that our website design should be easily recognize and user friendly. The information provided in the website should also be clear, concise, and consistent. Users need not required anyone assistance while using our website. Additionally, website elements like text, graphics, and more are clearly defined and placed so that targeted audience attract easily.

      Website Design should be Trustworthy

      A website design can easily gain the trust of the audience if it is not similar to other websites over the Web. In other words, we can say that if your website design can easily recognize by the targeted audience and unique from others website over the Internet then website can easily gain the trust of targeted audience. Some of the features of a website help in establishing that the website is trustworthy are as follow:
             Ø  Simplicity and uniqueness in designs

         Ø  Striking and attractive deigns
         Ø  Information in a website must be correct like contact details
         Ø  Highly secure environment

      About the author:

      Manchun Pandit is working in JanBask Digital Design as a Digital Marketing Manager. We have more than eight years’ Experience in the SEO, SMO, PPC and much more.

      List of Guest Blogging Sites (140+ best sites) | 2016

      List of Guest Blogging Sites (140+ best sites)

      From: www.petersandeen.com 

      Guest blogging can be an extremely consistent and fast way to build your email list and relationships with the people in your market.

      Sure, you need to get several things right to get 100+ subscribers from each guest post you write.
      But the first step is to find a site that accepts guest posts.
      You might have some ideas of sites where you could write, but hopefully you get a few more ideas from this list of guest blogging sites.
      This isn’t even trying to be a complete list of sites that accept guest posts. Rather, it’s aiming to be a high-quality list; these are some of the best guest blogging sites you can target.
      However, I’m sure I’ve forgotten many.
      Getting accepted to some of them might be quite tough. But if you avoid the common mistakes when you pitch your guest post, you have a good chance to get through with a good post.
      The sites are categorized to some degree, but they’re not in any particular order within the categories.
      The first category is the only one I really know. The other categories aren’t as well curated, so tell me if you spot something weird.
      I’ll update the list every now and then. If there’s a site you think I should add to the list (or something I should remove from it), let me know in the comments. Thank you.
      And if you’re serious about learning how to write guest posts that grow your list, check out Rapid List Building with Guest Blogging training.
      Latest updates to the list: November 17, 2013.

      Marketing / Business / Blogging / Social Media

      Marketing sites that accept guest posts.
      KISSmetrics – Write for them
      I write for KISSmetrics quite regularly. If you go for it, prepare to go through a round or two of editing, and whatever you do, don’t forget to use real examples to illustrate your points. Self-promotion is an absolute no-no, so don’t even try.
      Traffic Generation Café – Write for them
      I’ve written for Traffic Generation Café a few times. Quality-standards are high: if your post isn’t really actionable for the audience, it doesn’t stand a chance to get published.
      Think Traffic – Write for them
      Think Traffic does accept guest posts, but based on what I understood, they invite all the guest authors. You can try to contact them and ask, but don’t spend time writing a post before you’ve checked that they’re interested to even look at it.
      Firepole Marketing – Write for them
      I have a monthly guest post feature in Firepole Marketing. They have a big, engaged audience, so you can get a lot of interaction in the comments. If you write a valuable post and you’re not in a rush to get it published, it’s well worth the effort to write for them.
      Copyblogger – Write for them
      Don’t hold me accountable for this, but I’ve understood that they’re focusing on using their in-house writers and their long-time guest authors. So, even with an introduction, it’s very difficult to get them to even read your post. And unsolicited posts don’t stand a chance.
      Mashable – Submit news
      Mashable is technically a news site. Keep that in mind when you approach them.
      MarketingProfs – Write for them
      MarketingProfs is a marketing site for marketing professionals. You need to have something special to share for marketing pros to get there.
      Men with Pens – Write for them
      They’re picky. Really picky. And that’s what makes the site so good. But if you’re not sure you can write something really good, you can probably spend your time more wisely.
      Social Media Examiner – Write for them
      Social Media Examiner is possibly the top site for social media stuff. And they’re equally picky as they are high quality.
      Moz – Write for them
      Previously SEOmoz. I think they’re the biggest SEO-related site (after Google’s sites), so if that’s your target market, you should definitely write a guest post for them.
      Duct Tape Marketing – Write for themI’ve only written one guest post for Duct Tape Marketing. They post one guest post every week, so the competition is a bit tough (put your best foot forward). And they have a topic calendar for the blog for months in advance, so ask for that before you suggest topics.
      Daily Blog Tips
      I’ve once submitted a guest post to Daily Blog Tips. The reply was the most unprofessional I’ve ever come across. And that’s saying something when I’m comparing it to everything I’ve seen online.

      Self-development / Spirituality / Psychology

      Self-development sites that accept guest posts.

      Photography / Video/ Graphics / Design / Art

      Photography, video, graphics, design, and art sites that accept guest posts.


      Technology sites that accept guest posts.


      Writing sites that accept guest posts.
      Write to done – Write for themI’ve written a few posts for Write To Done. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re much pickier with writing quality than most sites. So, check your grammar…

      Fitness / Health / Food

      Health, fitness, and food sites that accept guest posts.


      Finance sites that accept guest posts.


      Travel sites that accept guest posts.


      Parenting sites that accept guest posts.


      Sites that accept guest posts and are difficult to categorize.

      What should I add/remove?

      This list is far from complete. And because my expertise is mostly limited to the business category, I can never complete it without your help.
      Did I forget a category or a site that accepts guest posts? Note that this is a list of the BEST guest blogging sites, so unless a site is one of the largest or most trusted in its industry, it doesn’t belong to this list.
      Should I remove or change something in the list?
      Tell me in the comments below.

      Top 100 Infographic Submission Sites List of 2016

      In the Modern SEO, Infographic Submission is the most recent method for Promoting an online business. Infographic accommodation destinations give your online business an edge on Trending Market and likewise an open door manufacture High Quality Backlinks. In the event that individuals discover your Infographic instructive, Then they distribute your infographic on their online entryways with Links. With this sort of Promotional Approach your online site get an Extra Ordinary Benefits in Referral Traffic and in addition Organic Traffic. So here we have made a main 100 best SEO Approved Infographic Submission Sites List. All the site are sans spam, High PR, Having High Domain and Page Authority. Trust you will going to Enjoy these Awesome Infographic Sharing Sites.

      Booking.com IN

      Free Infographic Submission Sites List 2016

      PR 7 & 6 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites List

      Websites DA PA PR IP Address
      www.visualising.org/ 29 39 7
      www.visual.ly/ 87 89 7
      www.datavisualization.ch/ 60 65 6
      www.coolinfographics.com/ 66 53 6
      www.chartporn.org/ 50 57 6
      www.business2community.com/ 83 57 6
      www.dailyinfographic.com/ 66 71 6
      dailyinfographic.com/ 66 71 6

      PR 5 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites List

      Websites DA PA PR IP Address
      www.graphs.net/ 46 52 5
      www.infographicsshowcase.com/ 46 44 5
      www.infographicsshowcase.com/ 46 44 5
      visualoop.tumblr.com/ 99 59 5
      designyoutrust.com 64 70 5

      PR 4 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites List

      Websites DA PA PR IP Address
      www.topinfographic.com/ 31 38 4
      www.submitinfographics.com 46 49 4
      www.pdviz.com/ 29 40 4
      www.nerdgraph.com/ 38 41 4
      www.loveinfographics.com/ 38 44 4
      www.infographr.tumblr.com 99 47 4
      www.infographics.alltop.com 80 52 4

      PR 3 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites List

      Websites DA PA PR IP Address
      www.dailystatistic.com/ 27 37 3
      www.cloudinfographics.com/ 23 33 3
      www.cooldailyinfographics.com/ 36 44 3
      brandlessblog.com/ 30 34 3
      www.infographicdatabase.com/ 21 32 3
      www.mediacaffeine.com/ 33 43 3
      www.vizualarchive.com/ 28 38 3
      www.infographicsposters.com/ 28 32 3
      www.infographicpost.com/ 30 40 3
      www.infographicas.com/ 27 38 3
      www.discoverinfographics.com/ 22 33 3
      www.bestinfographic.co.uk/ 26 37 3
      www.infographicas.com 27 38 3
      www.theinfographics.blogspot.com/ 93 43 3
      www.styleandflow.com/ 27 38 3
      www.onlyinfographic.com/ 29 38 3
      www.newsilike.in/ 29 39 3
      www.moneyinfographics.com/ 28 37 3
      www.infographixdirectory.com/ 29 39 3
      www.infographicimages.com/ 20 27 3
      www.infographicsonly.com/ 32 42 3
      www.infographicsking.com/ 23 34 3
      infographicsonline.net 22 33 3
      www.infographicsbin.tumblr.com/ 99 44 3
      www.infographic-directory.com/ 27 35 3
      www.infographicas.com 27 38 3
      www.infographicsite.com/ 29 38 3
      www.infographicas.com 27 38 3
      iheartinfographics.tumblr.com/ 99 43 3
      www.html5infographics.com/ 24 34 3

      PR 2 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites List

      Websites DA PA PR IP Address
      www.bestinfographics.info/ 29 40 2
      www.infographicszone.com/ 28 39 2
      www.pureinfographics.com/ 30 40 2
      www.pureinfographics.com 30 40 2
      www.infographicheaven.com/ 24 28 2
      www.info-graphic.co.uk/ 23 34 2
      infographic.co.za/ 24 34 2
      www.infographicsonline.com/ 25 34 2
      www.infographicsmaze.com/ 22 30 2
      www.infographiclove.com/ 30 39 2
      www.infographicsarchive.com/ 47 43 2
      www.infographicgallery.co.uk/ 15 27 2
      www.winfographics.com/ 21 32 2
      videoinfographic.com/submit-infographic/ 30 18 2
      www.videoinfographic.com/ 30 38 2
      www.travelinfographics.com/ 24 33 2 0
      www.ratemyinfographic.com/ 19 28 2 0
      www.radinfographics.com/ 17 29 2
      www.omginfographics.com/ 30 39 2
      nfogfx.com/ 19 31 2
      newsfix.co.uk/ 24 35 2
      www.latestinfographics.com/ 21 28 2
      www.infographicstyles.com/ 19 25 2
      www.infographicsarchive.com/ 47 43 2
      www.envisualizations.com/ 18 29 2

      PR 1 Dofollow Infographic Submission Sites List

      Websites DA PA PR IP Address
      www.infographic-police.blogspot.com/ 93 30 1
      wowgraph.com/ 16 25 1
      treegraphic.com/ 14 25 1
      www.travel-infographic.com/ 11 22 1
      tipsbuilder.com 22 29 1
      www.medicalinfographics.wordpress.com/ 100 28 1
      www.infographicsubmission.com/ 20 31 1
      www.infographicscentral.com/ 18 22 1
      www.infographicsaplenty.com/ 14 24 1 0
      www.infographicland.com/ 15 24 1 0
      infographick.com/ 18 31 1
      www.epicinfographic.com/ 11 21 1
      www.artsdigitalera.com/ 29 32 0
      www.infographicreviews.com/ 25 36 0
      www.amazinginfographics.com/ 29 40 0
      www.aceinfographics.com/ 15 24 0
      www.world-of-infographics.co.uk/ 17 20 0
      www.justinfographics.com/ 18 29 0
      www.itsinfographics.com/ 13 23 0
      infographicsdisplay.com 9 21 0
      www.infographicsdesigned.com/ 12 21 0
      www.infographicsbook.com/ 14 26 0
      www.infographicpond.com/ 17 26 0
      www.infographicreviews.com/ 25 36 0
      www.infographicjournal.com/ 43 52 0

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