The digital marketing space continues to grow, and almost every day, you can find some or the other news related to the field that catches your attention. The fact that mobile app developers have made it possible for digital marketing to influence almost each company and every sector in the world, makes it enough of a reason for any business in its budding phase to adopt digital marketing services. And from what is apparent by the figures, most of the small businesses have adopted digital marketing techniques.
In a survey that exclusively focused on small businesses, 33% said they used Facebook to build their business from scratch. 55% said Facebook boosted their sales, 72% reported that Facebook successfully helped them attract new customers, and another 50% said that they could leverage the digital wave to boost their sales with Facebook. Talking about mobile marketing, phones will share more than 72% of digital advertisements by 2019.
However, this are just a fraction of stats that float around the web in digital marketing space. To leverage the real potential of digital marketing, it is important to stay updated with the changes it as well as the internet goes through. So, to get you closer to your business goals, here are some of the changes in digital marketing you can expect to take place in 2018:
YouTube goes strict

After the Logan Paul incident, YouTube has realised that it needs to put a leash on who and what is being published on its platform. Therefore, since January 2018, YouTube has tightened the norms for publishing content. Although the Logan Paul’s incident was too offensive to be not taken down, it is being predicted that YouTube algorithms will be keeping a check on other factors as well, such as copyrights, trademarks in videos, plagiarism etc. So, if you are planning to launch a YouTube channel for your business, you need to be careful about what is being talked about, or even what is playing in the background.
Live video will be preferred over Video marketing
In the pursuit of always finding new ways of marketing, digital marketers have found a new way of marketing their product i.e live video. Live videos are an excellent way of engaging your loyal customers and even building new customer relationship by interacting directly with the audience. Most of the big brands are getting celebrities to endorse their products through live video, in which no less than a hundred thousand people participate. By far, this is one of the best ways of reaching out to the customers directly. A little take away for small businesses here is that the live video marketing has been tried and tested, and has shown good response, which is an indication for small businesses that they can also focus on how they can make the best use of live videos.
Mobile apps will still be around

Mobile apps have always been the best way for businesses to keep up with their customers and render out any new development or product launch they think world should know about. But if you thought mobile apps have been around for too long and it’s time they leave, you may be wrong. However, the long-standing trend of mobile app development could have ended if it weren’t for their ability to integrate with the advanced present and future technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning etc. Not only has this revoked the utility of mobile apps for another few decades, the immediate effect of mobile apps acquiring such advanced functions has attracted the attention of some of the biggest industries that route for digital marketing, such as e-commerce, retail and many others.
Better customer engagement with Augmented Reality

The detailed experimentation of AR technology on a global level through Pokémon Go, have made one thing clear: it worked. At present, some of the biggest sectors are augmenting their capabilities with AR technologies. E-commerce platforms are looking forward to 2018 as their lucky year when they will finally be able to eliminate trust issue with customers who are not very sure about online shopping, by building a virtual trial room where they can try their product before giving away their money. For some, this could be a utility and not a marketing technique. But if this increasing a company’s sales, why wouldn’t you call it digital marketing.
The beauty of digital marketing field is that it is quite dynamic and doesn’t belong to a fixed time period. The changes that occur every now and then in the digital marketing space, provides everyone with a fair chance to grow. However, just like putting all the eggs in a basket is risky, relying completely on digital marketing is not something we would advise.

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