Web Design Role in Acquiring & Retaining Customers

We have seen several websites over the Internet but remember some of them. The reason behind this is that it may possible that the design of the website is highly attractive or consists advance functionality which hit directly in the mind of its targeted audience. While designing a website for our business, we need to remember the following things:
   Ø  Attractive and striking design
   Ø  Simplicity in design
   Ø  User friend wit easy navigation
   Ø  Easily searchable
Website plays an important role in the growth of our business and ensures higher profitability as it is the front face of our business. A website presents complete information about our business in an effective manner and this information is accurate that can easily gain the trust of the targeted audience.
In this article, we are going to discuss the points which attract the brand or targeted audience. Some of the points are as follow:

Speedily accessible

In this competitive world where speed is everything, people love those websites that can open just in few seconds. Thus, while designing, we need to keep in mind that website should be small in size and easily open in any device like mobile, tablets, or more. If our website takes lots of time in loading due to the use of heavy image files and other website elements. Thus, the website lost the attention of the targeted audience.

Accessible using any device

If we deeply observe the targeted audience, then we realize that people are busy with their mobile. For everything, they prefer mobile either for calling or surfing over the Internet. Additionally, they only prefer to open those websites which are device and platform friendly. This means that desired website can easily be accessible using any device such as mobiles, laptops, and tablets and run on any platform without destroying information like Joomla, Android, Window, and more.

Attractive Color theme as Blue, Black or Green

Color theme is the most important aspect of our website design and development processes. The color theme should be similar to our brand guidelines. Thus, while selecting the color theme for our business we should keep our products and services in mind. The color of our website should be simple and pleasant that can easily be recognized by the targeted audience. Black, blue, and green are some of color which are preferred and liked by most of people thus we have to utilize their combination in our website.

Easy to Read and Understandable

Simplicity is the most important and demandable feature of a website. Thus, we should keep in mind that our website design should be easily recognize and user friendly. The information provided in the website should also be clear, concise, and consistent. Users need not required anyone assistance while using our website. Additionally, website elements like text, graphics, and more are clearly defined and placed so that targeted audience attract easily.

Website Design should be Trustworthy

A website design can easily gain the trust of the audience if it is not similar to other websites over the Web. In other words, we can say that if your website design can easily recognize by the targeted audience and unique from others website over the Internet then website can easily gain the trust of targeted audience. Some of the features of a website help in establishing that the website is trustworthy are as follow:
       Ø  Simplicity and uniqueness in designs

   Ø  Striking and attractive deigns
   Ø  Information in a website must be correct like contact details
   Ø  Highly secure environment

About the author:

Manchun Pandit is working in JanBask Digital Design as a Digital Marketing Manager. We have more than eight years’ Experience in the SEO, SMO, PPC and much more.

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