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Latest Tactic, Strategies in SEO On Page Activities 2016

Now let’s play with on Page activities, this is like a game and you can play with this as you want to. If you are a webmaster so you can update everything which are updating with latest On Page activities. What are the things are need to be updated or append the procedure I would like to show you here for your website on page Activities:
1. Meta Tags
2. Meta Descriptions
3. Sitemaps (Sitemap.xml, Sitemap.html, ror.xml, urllist.txt)
4. Content Development
5. Content Optimization
6. URL optimization
7. Heading Tags
8. Image Alt Tags
9. Canonical Tag
10. 301 Redirection
11. 404 Custom Error Page
12. Website Navigation Structure
13. Geo Meta Tags
14. Google Analytics Tool
15. Google Webmaster Tool
16. Bing Webmaster Tool
17. Robots.txt
18.Duplicate Content
This means same content being posted on multiple web pages. Google frowns at this and may penalize your website if found guilty. To avoid duplicate content, use the rel=”canonical” tag for pages, but most importantly, write unique and engaging content for each page. Delete the copied web pages or use rel=”canonical” tag for.
Duplicate URLs for example: also considered as duplicate content by Google. The solution is to avoid such tactics.
Once you setup these activities into you website, you really can come to know about the complete development of website for SEO. Here Meta tags and description act main role in the website. The Meta title and description you are using for your website must be unique and proper obeying the guidelines of Google algorithm. You can put up maximum number for 65 characters to make a title. There is having need of 165 to 170 characters to make perfect description. Explore more with the Meta tags. Make your title of those keywords which you want to target for particular page. Use these just for separate page. You also must use remained keywords in Meta description.


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